A little excursion to One Happy Island

As some of you know, traveling has recently become a bigger part of my job. As things like this go, an opportunity for a site review came up with very little notice, and at a crappy time for bringing the rest of the family.

My client, also a very busy professional and a mom, sensed a little guilt.

“You go,” she told me. “Just you. It’ll be good for your soul.”

I don’t know. My soul is actually doing just fine. Winter doesn’t depress me. I love not sweating. And all my favorite clothes are best worn in layers. Besides which, with me being my normal, procrastinating self, I have yet to start in on the holiday prep.

I’m serious. And here we are at T-minus two weeks to Christmas or something crazy like that.

But I’m not stupid. Someone says “we need you in Aruba,” and I’m halfway to the airport before you can blink.

I’m just a giver like that.

So, in a teensy nutshell, that’s how things like this happen.


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