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First off, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m terrible at answering email that comes through this blog. It’s usually because the sender clearly hasn’t read the following information, isn’t familiar with the content of this blog, or both, and then I just get depressed because you just don’t get me, and that should bother both of us.

Before pressing *submit*, please keep in mind I don’t normally do product reviews or givaways. 

There are a few exceptions to this rule:

Travel. If you’re interested in setting up a sponsored opportunity involving family travel, or travel related tools or services, contact me.

Running/Fitness. I am always interested in running apparel, shoes, and gear, although I’m no speedster. If you’re looking for a middle-aged, slow, marginally flabby running and fitness enthusiast, I may be interested in sponsored or review opportunities.

If you’re interested in advertising, I’m not offering ad space right now.

Inquiries about speaking, guest blogging, or just random, pithy comments are all bueno.

For more information about this blog in general, I’ve created a disclosure form.

* If you still feel like contacting me to ask about product reviews or giveaways that aren’t travel related, I probably won’t take the time to answer. I’m not trying to be passive aggressive, I just think you should read instructions.**

**If you STILL keep contacting me about reviewing your product or doing a giveaway, I’ll keep your email on file to make fun of you in a future blog post. I don’t have time for spam, but I will make time to make fun of people.***

***I mean that in the nicest, most constructive way possible.


  1. I read your article, “Not easily scared…most of the time,” in the October 2018 issue of Idaho Family magazine. In that same issue is an article titled, “Teach kids critical thinking skills,” followed by a list of recommended reading. I highly recommend to you these two books: The Magic Detectives, by Joe Nickell, and How Do You Know It’s True? Discovering the Difference Between Science and Superstition, by Hy Ruchlis.

    1. What, and ruin all the fun? Haha! Thanks for the comment. AND the recommendations … although I wonder if you’re concerned I’m not engaging my critical thinking skills with my attempt at a little mild horror, and tale of an imagination run amok?

      Here are a couple of my favorites for the season to recommend: “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and “Graveyard Shift,” by Stephen King…. Oooh! And “The Telltale Heart” by Poe. Really anything by Poe, or King for that matter.

      C’mon, I don’t have to tell you I don’t REALLY believe a wraith was sent to me from beyond the grave to steal my soul and condemn it to wander aimlessly through the woods of central Idaho for time immemorial, do I?

      I mean, I don’t usually believe that sort of thing, when it’s light out….

      (and PS Carol, you’re also kind of a jerk …. just thinking critically here)

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