A morning at Minidoka

Midlife Sentence | Morning at Minidoka

I was struck by stories of the grace with which the internees met the horrible injustices inflicted upon them. Some had been given days to prepare to abandon their homes, others mere hours. Many returned after the war to find little remaining of their former lives. They sent their own sons off to fight for a country that then asked them to sign loyalty pledges.

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Why I don’t get to write the ad for Craig’s List

Midlife Sentence | Craigs List

For Sale: Large, rustic-looking headboard with a story. Well, not really a story, story, as in: lovingly-hewn-of-ancient-willow-by-handsome-woodsman-for-his-beguiling-bride kind of story. Nothing so dramatic. There is a story, just a tad humbler. I’ll get to that in a minute. Said headboard is a handmade item, with slight imperfections and irregularities, and I’ll be honest, it’s a […]

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