I’m (mostly) kidding about the grass clippings

produce-300x225 copyI was just thinking about posting something about our experience with food allergies, and it turns out it’s Food Allergy Awareness Week, which makes it seem like I have a plan, you know, like, ever.

Anyway, I’ve posted stuff before about our first exchange student, Saara, and her multiple food allergies. To recap: Saara is allergic to fish. As in: call-the-ambulance-and-grab-the-epi-pen allergic. Her throat closes up at the smell. She’s also not supposed to eat wheat, oats, barley, dairy and there’re some produce on the list as well. And chocolate.

Girl’s allergic to chocolate.

While she lived with us, Jack was grocery store guardian. He delighted in announcing in his most nine year-old, outdoorsy voice: “Mom, there’s really STINKY FISH over here. Right HERE,” anytime we were in the vicinity of the seafood aisle

…Which is kind of near the beer aisle, so you can imagine how often my kid got to practice his fish warning.

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A big ole’ bowl full of love

bowlfullTo say our first exchange student had a few food allergies is to say the Titanic had a glacier problem.

Wheat, rye, oats, soy, nuts or chocolate gave her a terrible stomach ache.

Citrus, kiwis, plums, apricots, raw apples, carrots, potatoes and onions weren’t as big a problem, but were also allergens.

Fish would put her in the hospital. Even the smell of fish would make her throat swell.

She was also lactose intolerant.

I got her paperwork shortly before she moved in with us and thought how did this girl’s parents ever let her leave home?

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