What to do with a couple bazillion cherry tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes Garden Fresh September 02, 20101Every spring, Mike starts putting things in pots that he swears he’ll care for properly and that won’t die out in mid-August in our yard in front of God and all the neighbors.

Around about this time a year, he’s all but given up on those plants and I get to be responsible for keeping them alive. This doesn’t create as much marital friction as you might think because usually he’s planted stuff I want to eat.


This year, he planted tomato plants that were supposed to be of a variety one could use for sandwiches or salads, or sauces or soups if I gave myself enough time.

Except our plants were mislabeled, and instead of a couple dozen decent-sized slicing tomatoes, we got roughly four gazillion cherry tomatoes. Smaller than cherry, even. Maybe a Lilliputian varietal. They’re teensy.

There was a time when Colin would pop these things like gumballs. Back before anything closer to a vegetable than ketchup somehow became anathema to my youngest child. These days, he prefers his vegetables hidden in fruit juice, or else ground up and molded into a shape that holds his favorite spiced mystery meat. Preferably coated with an MSG-based powder and wrapped in Taco Bell paper.

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