Food, glorious food

This blog was going to be about our extensive efforts to keep Penny-the-amazing-rescue-dog in the face of the crushing onset of allergy symptoms she’s induced, but it occurs to me that I should let that story play out to the end. I mean, right now Penny’s the pistol in the first act of the play that has yet to be fired. We’ll have more on Penny-the-amazing-rescue-dog next week.

As I was shopping today for supplies for Penny-the-amazing-rescue-dog, plunking down $48 bucks for a 5 pound bag of dog food, a 6 ounce package of salmon flavor treats, a 3 ounce bottle of salmon oil and two denta-bones from Zamzow’s, it occurred to me that $48 bucks is what I plunked down last night for supplies for two full dinners for a family of four and my mom, and including a six-pack of good micro-brew.


It does give one cause to think about our diets. Of the human occupants of this household, there is one who eschews all seafood or anything that looks like the seafood for which I’m paying a premium to feed my dog. He and his brother fluctuate maddeningly through stages of refusing or barely tolerating other healthy food items I set lovingly in front of them every night.

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