How many kids can I piss off in one week?

Back when they liked us.

It’s the time of year when the air is crisp and it’s possible to catch refrains of holiday carols or tantalizing smells drifting from someone’s kitchen. For many the world is filled with more holiday traditions and preparations and nostalgia and whimsy than they can shake a stick at.

Unless you’re 14. Then the world is mostly full of people trying to piss you off.

The statement “I’m bored,” can be such a siren to parents, calling for the lamest of responses. Beckoning for attention: Come, sink into depths from which you’ve no hope of ever emerging once again sane or whole.

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Zombie wannabees and how I missed seeing Brad Pitt

Penny, in her best 'real' zombie impression, gave us her review of the book.
Penny, in her best ‘real’ zombie impression, gave us her review of the book.

Spoiler Alert: or maybe not … This blog entry will deal in a roundabout way with the movie World War Z, and with what at least might be one or more significant plot points as interpreted by a 14 year-old. So, if that kind of thing cheeses you off, like it does my husband, and you plan on seeing the movie, you need to stop reading right now.

Mike wants me to include that statement because he’s been fussy about movie reviews ever since I wrote one about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure for our college newspaper that he says totally spoiled the movie for him. I did remind him it was Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. A movie with that title – any movie staring Keanu Reeves, really – isn’t going to lose any more points by my revealing the plot. And he wasn’t going to see it anyway.

For him it’s the principle of the thing.

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