A riff on the ride home

vintage_sodas_3“I’m so thirsty, I could carjack that Coke truck for something to drink.”

“How would you do that, exactly, Jack?”

“Well, I’d jump on the bumper and cut a hole in the back with a laser and pull out a coke at the next stoplight. You want one?”

“That’s way too complicated, and I don’t want you hanging from the back of a truck in rush hour traffic.”


“How about we borrow a helicopter and then hover over the truck and rappel down and cut a hole in the roof and pull out all the sodas we want?”

“If were going to steal something, I’d rather steal a Lamborghini than a helicopter. What if I stole a Lamborghini and then I could pull up in front of the driver and stop him. Then I’d be like ‘hey, yo. I trade you this Lambo for your truck, man.’

“He’d have to be nuts to turn down an offer like that.”

“I know, right?”

“Where would we get a Lamborghini?”

“Well, you’d have to give me a ride to Los Angeles. There’s a dealer down there that specializes in them.”

“Don’t you think he’d have security? The dealer?”

“Well, yeah. We tell him we’re taking it for a test drive, and then when the Coke driver takes off in it, we call the dealer and say, ‘Hey yo! Some delivery truck driver just drove off in your car, man, but the good news is I’ll split all this Coke with you.’

“Lookit, there’s no way we’d get to LA and get a car back up here in time for dinner.”

“Probably not.”

“What if we just took a baby and put it in the road in front of traffic, and then yell ‘Hey, somebody left this perfectly good baby in the road!’ He’d have to stop.”

“Everybody’d have to stop.”

“Yeah, they’d be all like ‘yo, look at that baby, man.’

“Mom … what are you doing with your hands?”
“I’m all gangster, making them gangster signs. Yo.”

“Okay, well, put your hands back on the wheel. The light’s green.”

“What do we tell dad when we bring home a truck full of Coke tonight?”

“We just say ‘it’s fine, dad. It wasn’t even a real baby.’”


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Vintage soda photo by: woody1778a

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  1. OMG, Beth, what a fun conversation! I used to make up stories like that when my kids were little, but now that they\’re teenagers, they don\’t want to play with me any more.
    I love how you\’re sharing your imagination and sense of fun with your son!

    1. I am loving the teenage years, at least so far. Jack doesn\’t appear to want to shut me out just yet, so I\’ll go with it. Glad you liked it, Deborah! Thanks!