On the move, mit bier ….

[From Beth] Serious travel day today, which when you’re on a train, is so much more comfortable for all involved than cramped in a little car, hopped up on Dramamine and Dr. Pepper.


First, we had a few hours this morning to tool around Amsterdam more. We looked at the line for the Anne Frank House and thought we had better things to do with our time, like visiting a few souvenir shops and ogling all the suggestive signs for tomorrow’s Gay Pride Festival through Amsterdam Central (seriously sorry to be missing out on that).


Although the architecture isn’t up to Brussels’ standards, it’s really a cool place to stroll and people watch. Barring any hideous accidents from children walking out in front of speeding bikes and trams, I think Amsterdam is my favorite of all the cities we’ve visited so far — and I’ve yet to visit a “coffee shop.”


The train ride back to Bremen was beautiful, and a good time for rest. I’ve been fighting a little crud for a couple of days and doing my best to fight it with quality pilsner, like a good German. We stopped in Osnabruck along the way for an early dinner, and for posterity’s sake, I’ll post a picture of their train station.


I understand they have a nice Old Town, but we’re kind of Old Towned out at this point and needed to get to our hotel (although Mike wanted to see it, he recognizes travel fatigue when he sees it). Our plane leaves at 7-ish in the morning tomorrow, which will be about 11 pm at home.


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  1. Beth, I seem to remember during one of our sight seeing trip along the Washington coast and up the Columbia Gorge that if you had to look at another beautiful scene, you would puke.

    Glad you\’re all having fun and I love all the pictures.

  2. No, not that kind of crud, but a cough and aches. Yucky, but getting much better today, although nobody wants to sit next to me on the train. Heather, \”a beer,\” come on, what do you take us for amateurs?