School’s Starting – A Celebration in Haiku

They’re smiling on the inside…

Your summer hair grew
Way too long to be tidy.
Sit still for a cut.

Large stacks of supplies
Litter my dining table.
I might lose my mind.

Earlier bedtimes
Last week would have helped you out.
Told you. Dang alarm!

Do I think the dog
will mope when you’re gone all day?
No. Likely just sleep.

You will eat breakfast,
Get those brain cells a jump-start.
Not hungry? Don’t care.

An apple a day
Has naught to do with doctors.
Pack one anyway.

That’s the bus coming
No, I won’t give you a ride.
Your bike tires are pumped.

Coffee’s so soothing
After the morning ruckus
Three cheers for school’s start!

Home offices are
gloriously productive,
When empty of kids.

Wait, a HALF DAY?
What the hell? No one told me.
I had a full list.

No TV … homework.
Build up some good work habits.
Don’t give me that look.


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  1. These are cute. I like all of them, but I think you saved the best one till last. My kids are going back to, so I know \”the look\” pretty well.

    I\’m impressed you can write haiku, incidentally. My attempts at poetry have always been rather poor, along the lines of:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Can\’t think of a rhyme
    So I\’ll stop now

  2. This is one of my favorites of your posts, Beth.
    Starting with the picture of the boys \”smiling on the inside.\”
    Nice highfalutin poetry!

  3. Okay, I\’m totally cracking up at the pic of your boys. I was so proud of myself for actually remembering to take the obligatory first day pic this morning. AND I took it with my phone so I could get it on Facebook quicker! I know, impressive. (Last year I took it with a \”real\” camera and I think it was AFTER school, and got it onto Facebook about a week later. Total FB faux pas.)

    1. When I told them I wanted a picture for this blog, that\’s the expression I got. Actually, they were looking forward (kind of) to starting school again, but God-forbid they show that.

  4. Oh, loved it! If only I had a back-to-school anthology to publish it in (self-deprecating humor–you know me too well)! I\’m inspired to write Haiku, now! Spot on post!