Two and a half showers

[overheard by Mike]

Colin took a 90-second shower tonight.  2.5 of them, actually.

Beth: “Did you use water AND soap?”

Colin: “No. Just water.”

Beth:”Then go back in there and wash your hair and your whole body with soap and shampoo.”

Colin: Grumbling. “Okay.”

90 seconds later. “Okay, mom, I’m done.”

Beth: “Did you shower again and use soap?”

Colin: “Yes. I washed my hair and private parts with soap and water, but I didn’t get into the shower.”  [Let’s call this the half shower.]

Beth: “Um. Okay. I don’t even want to know how you did that, but I need you to  G-O   B-A-C-K    I-N-T-O   the bathroom RIGHT NOW and take a REAL shower WITH soap AND shampoo.”

Second-and-a-half time’s the charm.

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